Reunite Us

This morning I awakened with such a heaviness in my heart…such an aching in my soul…I thought of the great darkness that has overtaken the earth…I have seen evil that has gone beyond my human comprehension…I have seen those who call on the name of Jesus spewing hatred and discord…people embracing man’s rhetoric and then attempting to ascribe a scripture to hatred…my soul is overwhelmed at friends who are members of the body of Christ calling each other out on social media…I am absolutely convinced that the virus that has consumed this world…is more a sickness in the soul.. than a sickness in the body…people lifting flawed human leaders above a Holy and flawless God…we have played into the hands of the only enemy we have…we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood…but against principalities in high places…gross darkness has caused extreme division..and the people of God have chosen sides and have declared who God is…by something as distorted as political parties…Who told you that? What makes anyone think God is red or blue?…God measures a man not by political afiliation..but by the condition of his heart…Stop it! Yes we have to vote…yes..we individually have to make a conscientious decision…but when our political views change the tenets of our faith…then correction is needed…if your words are not drawing someone to Christ…then keep silent…This is not about a political campaign…our assignment has not changed…winning souls to the kingdom of God…we have entered a tenuous place when our words become a staircase that will either lead men to heaven or to hell…your political views are yours…you cannot force them on one another by engaging in dueling posts…there is a reason why the voting booth has a’s the same reason a bathroom has a’s YOUR BUSINESS!

“There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are one in Christ Jesus” Galatians 3:28

Father…please remind us that we are all one…you do not delineate by political party…reunite your people so that we can be one…a formidable weapon against our enemy…the devil…the one who ever lives to sow division…in Jesus name

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